Oh, Poo! Why Doesn't My Cat Bury That Stuff?

For cats, poo is a powerful communications tool.
Dear Thomasina... 
Sorry to be so direct, but why doesn't my cat bury his poo?
-- Grossed Out Cat Mom

Hi Cat Mom!
Sorry you’re grossed out. To use your word, poo can be a very big deal to us, but not for the reasons you may think. For us, it’s a powerful communications tool.  So your cat might not be burying his “stuff” because he wants other animals to know your house is his territory.

Not So Fastidious Cats

We have a reputation for being fastidious (not sure what that word means. My human typist added it. I assume she means neat), but not because we’re modest like you are or trying to not offend you. Really, we're not modest at all, and we don’t understand why you get upset when we do what we have to do how and where we do it when nature calls

Remember, (and excuse me for being indelicate) cat poo and pee are both powerful communications tools. So when we’re being “fastidious,” we’re just trying to hide our location from other animals. When we’re not being fastidious, we’re telling other animals that territory already belongs to us.

Why Some Cats Don’t Bury Their Poo

There could be other reasons why your cat doesn't bury his stuff, too. Maybe he doesn’t like his litter or hates spending one second longer than he has to in his box. Or it’s possible that his box feels too small and cramped to dig in the litter. If your cat is declawed, digging in the litter could be painful for him.

Using a second box, you could experiment with another kind of litter (make sure it’s unscented. We hate scented litter!) and the amount of litter you put in his box. If his box has a top on it, take it off.  We hate covered boxes as much as we hate scented litter.

Oops. Sorry, but I need to get on my way now. Nature is calling, and I have to head for my favorite litter box. The other cats who live here know it’s mine and never, ever use it. I just wish it was orange, not pink!

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