Do Cats Act Like Dogs, Or Do Dogs Act Like Cats?

Do some cats act like dogs? Maybe it's dogs who act like cats!
Dear Thomasina...
Is it normal for some cats to act like dogs? My cat meets me at the door, walks with me and loves to play fetch. I'm not complaining, but don't you think he's a bit weird?

Hey, Purrplexed!
Love your name! I don't think cats act like dogs. But dogs do act like some cats. I've often wondered if they get confused and think they're cats because they usually greet their people at the door, come when they're called, like to play fetch and love going for walks just like we do.

Every cat is different, of course. Personally, I think playing fetch is boring and too much work, and I would never do it. But my friend, Ronnie, loves to chase little tinfoil balls and swat them back to his humans. And another cat I know thinks catching treats in midair is just about the most fun thing ever. She doesn't swat them back to her human, though. She eats them after she catches them. Maybe that's not exactly playing fetch, but I've seen dogs do it, too.

Cats Love Their People Just Like Dogs Do