Why Do Cats Lick Their Feet After They Eat?

Cats lick their feet after they eat so they can wash their faces.
Dear Thomasina...
Why do cats lick their feet after they eat? Mine always licks a front foot. Just wondering why he does that.

Hi Curious!
Cats lick their feet after they eat because we like to wash our faces after we've had a meal or even just a snack. One of the great things about being a cat is that we come equipped with a built-in napkin and washcloth. That's one of the things our front feet are for!

When your cat licks his front foot and leg, he's getting them damp so he can rub them against his face and get all the crumbs off. You know how neat we are, and we'd hate walking around with little bits of tuna stuck in our whiskers. Ugh...

Watch your cat sometime. You'll see that we have a whole routine for eating. It goes like this.
1. Find food (either in a bowl or in the woods).
2. Eat.
3, Wash our faces and maybe take a whole bath.
4. Curl up somewhere cozy and take a nap.

I love to hunt, but I actually prefer my food in the little heart-shaped bowl I have. Eating's a lot neater that way.

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